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the year is 2076. Gyakuten Saiban 35 has just been announced for localization. This one will take place on the moon Titan, similar to how AAI12 took place on Mars. There have been a total of 9 new protagonists introduced, each with their own set of minor characters, etc. PW vs PL has just been announced for localization in North America.

we still don’t know what was behind Kristoph Gavin’s black psyche-locks


Some of the screencaps I took during my Kyousougiga rewatch.  Kyousougiga is such a pretty show.

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Just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at funny things and marvel at beautiful things and enjoy happy moments. You can still do happy things even if you are unhappy.
—(via psych-facts)


sports anime is one of the greatest forces of good in the world

i found hannah hart on youtube and we fell in love with her

S U G A W A R A || K O U S H I


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some of bravely default x drakengard 3 crossover sketches, i’m sort of crazy about dressing the team up as songstresses and apostles 


samurai flamenco has a+ dialogue

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this is the most awkward thing ive ever seen. haru looks so uncomfortable and he’s just swinging his arms around like a mom at a bat mitzvah. nagisa is fucking humping the air for some reason and rei is obviously imitating him since he figures nagisa knows the Cool Kid Dances and you can tell he’s like “yes i am performing this perfectly, i have successfully memorized the formulas” jesus christ

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Taken from Elsword KR’s 2013 White Day episode 1: Raven

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this video is so well done it deserves an oscar